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How much is each Santa Swap ticket?

Each Santa Swap ticket is 0.03 Ξ. Each address can mint up to 10 tickets.

When will the event go live?

The NFT ticket sale will go live for 24 hrs on 12/21/21 at 1 pm EST. After the mint completes or 24 hours (whichever is first), the NFT exchange event will begin.

How will the proceeds be used?

100% of all proceeds will go to charities that accept donations in cryptocurrencies. St. Judes, Save The Children, & Girls Who Code have been selected so far as the first three charities.

How are people paired?

Once the participation NFTs are minted, we will query the chain for all addresses that purchased an NFT. We will match these addresses to our internal database of Twitter users and randomly select users to pair with each other. No one except for the Secret Santa will be aware of who they are gifting to, until after the NFT distribution phase is completed.

Gas on mainnet is expensive, what measures have you taken to reduce fees?

To maintain the integrity of the Secret Santa process, we had to adopt at least a 3-pronged approach (one step to donate, one step to commit and submit an NFT, and one step to reveal the exchange participants). At each step, we have used optimized contracts (ERC1155 NFTs) following best-practices to enable reduced gas overhead.

How will I know 100% of proceeds will actually go to charity?

We have created a Gnosis Multi Sig of leading community members (zachxbt, Anish Agnihotri, mewny, Leighton Cusack, Darryl Lau, BigDSenpai, karbonbased, Fiskantes) to manage the funds and all TX ID's will be provided for completed donations.

Why do I have to connect my Twitter?

We use your Twitter account to pull general data (handle, id, avatar). This helps us prevent bots from sybiling the exchange mechanism and ruining the fun, and giving your Secret Santa some high-level information to work with. We request the strictest read-only access and will store your Twitter handle, id, and address for a maximum of 1 week after the exchange.

How many Santa Swap Participation Tickets are available?

10,000, at a minimum minting cost of 0.03 Ξ each.